“To maintain the longevity of our most loved garments, not only do we have to wear them often but also have to learn how to take care of them (and the environment with it)! Luckily the guys at Collective not only developed classic cotton staples, but also the Eco Care Solution for easy organic clothing maintenance. ”

By Sue

We asked the guys at Collective to give us some clothing care tips. With their newly launched Eco Care Solution that smells like juniper, we've been doing all our laundry with this non toxic and allergen free alternative and love it.
1. Mmm the scent of juniper. How did Collective decide on this fragrance of choice? 
Juniper is a very light fragrance in comparison to some of the more citrus based scents. I always found the citrus scents had a bit of an artificial and chemical smell to them which I have never liked.

2. What's wrong with the way we do laundry now? And how does the Eco Wash Solution solve these issues? 
Quite simply, we are all too lazy and don't take the time to read the care label. You often do not need to wash above 30 degrees.
3. Scent is strongly linked to memory and psychologically as consumers we love a strong scent of laundry that represents cleanliness. Unlike most solutions that use synthetic perfumes, the Collective one is relatively subtle. What are the key differences between synthetic and the perfume used in the Eco Care Wash? 
We don't use cheap substitutes for natural oils and essences.

4. Three tips to doing laundry with Eco Care to help the environment: 
1. Wash at 30, this will also avoid your clothes shrinking.
2. For your delicates, add some of the Eco Care solution in to a tub of water and hand wash. Hang your clothes out and it'll remove all the wrinkles and reduce ironing
3. A quick trick to clothes that have been stuffed into drawers too long: after a shower, simply hang your clothing over the steam and pull lightly down. The humidity should pull out wrinkles quickly without having to rewash.